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Omnitracs XRS MOBILE 6.52.0051 Release


The Omnitracs XRS MOBILE 6.52.0051 Release is now available to install on Mobile devices.

This release includes a new function and software corrections.


New Function

User Data and Privacy Policies

The User Data and Privacy Policies have been updated regarding the collection of personal data due to Google Android changes. The user must accept the policy to proceed. The Privacy Policy is displayed when installing the App and is also available from the Settings Menu.

clipboard_e5d9a4ca9aba4689a054bb913a5b2d218.png     clipboard_e16c09ca9b13ebe1b00f7f2c17bfcf7db.png


Software Corrections

Work Item Number Issue Component
XRS-18200 Fixed an issue in XRS Mobile where Yard Move was not correctly terminating in some circumstances, so a driver could become stuck in Off Duty - Yard Move or Driving - Yard Move status. Mobile
XRS-18176 Fixed an issue where a Driver was not able to use the Personal Conveyance or Yard Move features. An error was displayed, "No Valid OBC Connection." This means that the mobile App is not connected to the XRS Relay. Mobile
XRS-18205 Fixed an issue in XRS Mobile's installation process when updating an Android 10 device to 6.52.0039. When the Android device prompts for storage permissions, the user is prompted to select "Allow." When Allow is selected, an error message is displayed saying "incorrect folder." Mobile
XRS-18098 Fixed an issue in XRS Mobile where previous firmware files were not removed from mobile storage after a successful Manual Relay Over The Air (OTA) update, causing additional OTA attempts which do not complete even though the Relay firmware was updated successfully. Mobile
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