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Omnitracs One - Point Release 2-5-22

The Omnitracs One Point Release on 2-5-22 contains the software corrections below.  The first item below denoted as Routing Client, will require users to upgrade to the new Client to receive that correction:

Issue key Release Notes Components
RPE-81370 Resolved issue where various query actions in the Routing Client that could result in "Server Busy" error message. Routing Client
RPE-83298 Moving Equipment to Top Level no longer removes the Relay association in the Compliance database. Compliance
MA3PI-2420 Changes implemented to prevent application logs from consuming disk space on API server. Drive API
RPE-83402 Correction to address Drive API ReplaceDocs endpoint calls return "index out of range"  and "level 2 doc returned from RNA  without external key" errors. Drive API
RPE-83403 Correction to address DriveAPI error "Cannot update planned stop XYZ that has already been arrived." Drive API
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