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Omnitracs Drive Overview


This video provides an overview of Drive and how to use many of the features in the application. Depending on what your company is licensed to use, you may not see all of the features covered in this video as you use Drive.


Understanding the Main Menu


Drive can be a powerful tool when you use it to its fullest. The Main Menu gives you quick access to features that let you manage your trips and stops, send messages, save documents, collect accident information, and much more.


Reviewing the Planner Tab


The Planner Tab provides you with details about your trips and the stops that are part of those trips. In this video, learn more about your possible trip statuses and the options available to you when managing them.



Starting A Trip


The Circle of Service guides you through each stop and task that needs to be completed on your trip. Watch this video to learn what you need to do when you start your trip in Drive.


Servicing Stops On A Trip


Whether you provide long haul shipping or last-mile delivery, the Circle of Service guides you through the stops on your trip and the tasks you’ll complete.


Completing A Trip


Whether the last stop on your trip is a service location or a depot, you must complete your trip so that the office knows that you are finished. This videos covers the necessary steps to complete your trip.



Completing A DVIR


Drivers must complete a Driver Vehicle Inspection Report for any commercial vehicle they operate. A formal record of inspection, it is required by the Department of Transportation and confirms that a tractor or trailer is safe to operate. This video shows you what to expect when completing a DVIR.


Map Functionality

Knowing how to move around on the map in Drive is essential. This video covers the icons and features that are available from the Map tab in Drive.





Sending And Receiving Messages


Drive lets you quickly and easily exchange messages with your dispatcher. In this video, learn about the Messages tab, where you can read, as well as send, normal and high priority messages.



Adding An Unplanned Stop


Unplanned stops can be added to your trip for many reasons, at any time during your trip. You might add an unplanned stop to wait out bad weather, to fuel up the vehicle, or other unexpected situations. Watch this video to learn the basics of adding an unplanned stop.


Completing An
Ad Hoc Task


An adhoc tasks provides information to your company that is related to an experience that occurs during your workday. They can be added during an active trip or outside a load. These tasks can be related to bad weather, an accident, a fuel stop, and much more.


Document Scanning


Paper documents are scanned into drive so that they can be sent back to the office through Drive. This video shows the driver how to scan documents that are not part of a stop's tasks. Document scanning is included in the Advanced Workflow package.


Traffic, Weather,
and Satellite


Traffic slowdowns and weather systems can affect a driver's ability to meet service windows. A satellite view of a stop on the map can help the driver plan a proper approach. This video shows the driver how to turn these advanced features on and off in Drive. These features are included in the Advanced Workflow package.


Adding A Profile Picture


This video walks the driver through adding or editing their profile picture in Omnitracs Drive.






HOS in Drive


Quickly see or change your duty status, review your violation clocks and the number of hours you have been driving, and access more Compliance features, all while using Omnitracs Drive and staying compliant with Federal regulations.



Team Driving in Drive


When you are part of a team, Drive allows both you and your Co-driver to use the same tablet. This video covers tasks that are specific to team driving.





Videos en Español 


Agregar Una Foto
De Perfil


Este video te enseña cómo agregar o editar la foto de tu perfil en Omnitracs Drive.




Enviar Y Recibir Mensajes


Drive te permite intercambiar mensajes rápidamente con tu despachador. En este video te mostraremos la pestaña de mensajes, donde puedes leer y mandar mensajes en prioridad normal o alta.


Conociendo el menú principal


Drive puede ser una poderosa herramienta cuando se utiliza al máximo. No sólo te guía parada por parada a través de tu viaje; si no que también te permite hacer mucho más.



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