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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Working with Equipment Types

Equipment types are the types of equipment your drivers use. If you are using Compliance with Drive, there are six equipment types you can create: 







Choose the proper type for the area your equipment will be operating in. For instance, if you equipment operates in the United States, then create the USA_VEHICLE and USA_TRAILER types. If you need additional types, pre-pend a descriptor to the beginning of the name. For instance, to create an additional trailer, you could clone USA_TRAILER and name it NEW_USA_TRAILER. 

  1. In Maintenance, click the green button and scroll to Equipment Types.
  2. Click [Add]. The Add Equipment Type window opens.
  3. Enter an ID for the equipment type. The ID should be one of the specified four.
  4. Enter the same information as a Description.
    Note: You do not need to select a Class for the equipment type.
  5. Select whether the type is a Power Unit/Vehicle or Trailer.
  6. If the equipment type can be used by other regions, check Shared By Regions and select the regions.
  7. Click [Save].
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