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Unassigned Vehicle Activity


If you associate to a vehicle equipped with an Omnitracs One Device within eight days of unassigned vehicle activity being created with that same vehicle, the Omnitracs One Mobile must display unassigned driving segments that have been stored on the Omnitracs One Device within those eight days. You are able to view these activities when you open your HOS Log screen and view the Unidentified tab.

Unidentified vehicle driving activity (UVA) not previous reviewed by an authenticated driver is presented to the next authenticated driver on the Omnitracs One Mobile when associating with the vehicle.

If you reject the UVA, it is sent back to the motor carrier, where it can be assigned to another driver. When an Omnitracs One Host user assigns UVA to a driver, it is sent to the assigned driver as a suggested edit to their log, which they will then have to confirm or reject.

Unidentified Vehicle Activity

Perform the following when you receive notification of UVA.

  1. Select OK to review activity on the notification window. The Review Unassigned Driving Events screen appears, displaying all UVA created using the vehicle since the last authenticated driver was associated with the vehicle.
  2. Select Confirm or Reject for each unassigned driving event. Select the View Graph button if you want to see how the UVA would fit into your existing log.
  3. When you are finished, select Save to add any confirmed UVA event(s) to your log. The HOS Log screen appears, and you can see that the drive time formally associated with the confirmed UVA has now been added to your log.

    All UVAs created using the associated vehicle during the previous 8 days will be displayed on the Unidentified tab. Activities with an “Inactive” Record Status have been accepted by an authenticated driver (may not be you). Those with an “Active” Record Status remain unassigned. Having the information on a separate tab makes it easier for law enforcement officials to view UVA when they are inspecting logs.


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