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Reviewing Motor Carrier Edits


If the motor carrier suggests edits to your log on the Omnitracs One Host website (for example, Unassigned Vehicle Activity or carrier-initiated ELD exemptions), you must confirm or reject each edit.

Drivers are notified of suggested motor carrier edits once they have logged into Omnitracs One Mobile, changed their status to On Duty, and associated to a vehicle. If edits arrive while the vehicle is in motion, drivers will be notified as soon as the vehicle is stationary. If there are team drivers, the drivers are notified immediately, even if the vehicle is in motion.

Reviewing Carrier Edits

Perform the following to confirm motor carrier edits.

  1. Log in to Omnitracs One Mobile, change your status to On Duty, and associate to a vehicle. If motor carrier edits are present, you will receive a message telling you that the motor carrier has suggested edits to your log and that you must confirm or reject the edits before you can continue.

    Carrier Edits Exist for Driver notification
  2. Select OK. The Review Carrier Edits screen appears, showing the edits suggested by the motor carrier.

    Review Carrier Edits screen
  3. Review each edit and select Confirm or Reject. If you reject an edit, you will be required to include a comment that explains the reason for rejecting the edit.
  4. When you have confirmed or rejected all edits, select Save. The changes are incorporated into your log and you return to the Omnitracs One Mobile Dashboard.


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