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Viewing Your Driver Logs


You can use the HOS Log screen in Omnitracs One Mobile to view the HOS Log in a variety of ways.

It is important to know how to display this screen when law enforcement personnel request access to the HOS log or in the event of a roadside inspection.

The HOS Log screen has four different tabs: HOS Log, Header, Certify, and Unidentified.

All four tabs display eight days’ worth of logs—the current day plus the previous seven days. Use the right and left arrow buttons to move backward and forward through the viewable days.

Below is a high-level overview of each tab. We will discuss log certification on unidentified driver profiles in more detail later in this guide.


The HOS Log tab displays the log graph and all log events for the given day. HOS Log tab
This tab includes an Inspection Mode option. Switch Inspection Mode to On to display detailed information about ELD-only events. You should present the Inspection Mode screen to law enforcement personnel. Inspection Mode switch in HOS Log tab
The Header tab displays detailed information about the driver, carrier, vehicle, trailer, and other data related to log events. Header tab

The Certify tab enables drivers to certify their HOS logs, which is required by the ELD Mandate at least once per 24-hour period. The tab displays all log events for a given day. Simply select the Certify button to certify your log for that day.

If you need to certify logs for more than one day, select the right or left arrow buttons on either side of the header to move to the next or previous day’s log. When you have certified all logs, the red indicator next to the Certify tab label disappears.

Certify tab

The Unidentified tab displays details about any unassigned vehicle driving activity rejected when logging into the Omnitracs One Mobile associated with a vehicle with unidentified vehicle driving activity for the past 7 days plus the current day. This tab is more clearly identified as the Unidentified Driver Profile. This tab is intended for use by law enforcement officers when they review driver logs during an inspection.

The activities (if any) displayed in the Unidentified Driver Profile are related to the vehicle the Omnitracs One Mobile is associated with. Activities with an “Inactive” Record Status have been accepted by an authenticated driver (may not be you). Those with an “Active” Record Status remain unassigned.

Unidentified tab
A blank Unidentified tab means there are no unidentified vehicle movements assigned to the Unidentified Driver Profile for that day. Blank Unidentified tab





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