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Viewing the Map Edits History

Note: Some of the options described are purchasable and may not appear. Contact your Omnitracs sales representative for more information about acquiring additional features.

If you want to review the changes that have been made to the street segments, you can see a list of them on the Edit History tab. The Edit History pages lists all the changes that have been made to your maps in the Map Editor. To open the Edit History tab, click on the Edit History icon.

To choose the dates you want to see map edits for, enter the Start Date and End Date. Enter the start and end date that should be included. To choose a date, click on the date and enter the new date, or click the box next to the date to open a calendar. Click on the date you want to select. If you want to change the month, click the month at the top of the calendar to open a list of months, then click the month you want to select. To change the year, click on the year at the top of the calendar to open a list of years, then click on the year you want to select. To select a previous year, click on the left edge of the calendar.

To limit the number of map edits that are returned at a single time, check Max Results and enter the largest number of edits that should be returned in the box.

Once the date range and max results are set, click the [Refresh] button. The map edits that occurred during that time are displayed. Each map edit shows the street segment that was changed, what the change was, and who made the change and when it was made. A typical map edit is shown below.


If the edit is a community edit, a Community Edit icon appears on the edit.

To see where the changed street segment is on the map, click on the map edit in the list; the map zooms to that street segment and it is selected.

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