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Services Portal 3.8 Release Notes

These release notes describe the new features and enhancements for Services Portal applications (QTRACS, Performance Monitoring, Trailer Tracks, Fleet Mapping, GeoServices, and Administration) in Services Portal 3.8, scheduled for U.S. release on September 11, 2021.

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New Features and Enhancements

Transition to HERE Maps

With this release of the Services Portal, Omnitracs will begin using mapping services provided by HERE maps for QTRACS, Trailer Tracks, and GeoServices. This transition will not happen all at once, however, so during the transition period you will likely see a mix of maps and mapping styles.

Only the source of the maps is changing; the maps themselves will function much as they do now. You might notice some differences in the layout of the map controls, such as the placement of the zoom in and zoom out buttons, but they are minor and intuitive to use.

Geocoding services, which are used for things like creating landmarks and finding assets near a specific address, will also be provided by HERE. The transition, which will occur over the next few months, will be seamless, although you might notice slightly different results depending on location.

QTRACS Updates

Omnitracs encourages customers to make sure commercial driver's license numbers entered in the system are unique. Although unique CDLs are optional in QTRACS, they are required in Omnitracs One. Any customers planning to migrate to Omnitracs One will need to clean up duplicate CDLs in order to move their drivers to the Omnitracs One system. For QTRACS customers planning to migrate to Omnitracs One who have a significant number of duplicate CDLs (whether due to error or to drivers being tagged with a designation other than the actual CDL number), the unique CDL requirement will not be enforced until they migrate to Omnitracs One.

Currently, the vehicle license plate number and jurisdiction are also optional in QTRACS, but if a user enters a license plate number, the jurisdiction is required, and vice versa. With this release, that requirement will be lifted; if you enter the license plate number, the jurisdiction will no longer be required. This change was made because the Hours of Service application only uses the license plate number, not the issuing jurisdiction. Having QTRACS aligned with Hours of Service will aid future migrations to Omnitracs One.

Updated Omnitracs Logo

Omnitracs has a new company logo that will begin to appear in headers and footers throughout Services Portal applications.

New Omnitracs logo

The logo will be updated over the course of the next few months, so for a while you might see a mix of old and new logos. You may need to clear your browser cache to see the new logo.


Application Fix
QTRACS This release includes a fix to ensure that the slider control at the top of the QTRACS Vehicle Position History tab does not become stuck or inoperable at browser zoom levels less than 100%.
QTRACS This release includes a fix to ensure that the QTRACS Vehicle overview page does not become locked or inoperable when a user changes an auxiliary vehicle's ID.


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