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Historical Proximity Report - Options

The Historical Proximity report lets you view a list of vehicle positions within the specified radius around a landmark or address for a date range.

Use this report to investigate or verify vehicle proximity to a place, such as the site of a vehicular incident, on a specific date and time.

Find all vehicles that were located within
The number of miles or kilometers to search in a radius from the selected landmark.
in a ... direction
The direction from the selected landmark in which to search.
The landmark or address you want to search near. Click the radio button, then click a landmark or an address to select the landmark or type the address.
from / to date
The date range and time during which you want to view vehicle positions.
Click to be notified when the report is ready. The method by which you receive the message is set up in Preferences.
Start Report Generation
Click to generate the report using the criteria you specified.

The list of vehicles included in the report is based on your selected, authorized vehicles. The information below your name on the right tells you which assets you are viewing. Click the linked text to change the viewed assets, if you are a member of more than one coverage and/or global group.

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