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Status Code Icons

Describes meaning of status codes for both received and sent messages.


Received message status codes


1.gif Read You read and acknowledged the message but are not using the feature to claim messages.
2.gif Unseen You haven't clicked Acknowledge or Claim in the message detail panel.
3.gif Ignored Another user claimed this message and you have not read it.
4.gif Claimed Your company uses the claim message feature, and you read and acknowledged the message to accept responsibility for it.
5.gif Marked You have marked the message in your mailbox to indicate that you want to look at it again later. Click OK in the message details panel to change it to Read or Claimed.
6.gif Copied This is a copy of message from an auxiliary vehicle.
7.gif Forwarded The message was forwarded to one or more recipients.
8.gif Replied A reply was sent.
9.gif Resent This message was sent again, possibly because the first delivery attempt failed.
10.gif Deleted Messages marked for deletion appear if your filter is "All."
11.gif Canceled You cancelled the transmission of the message before it was sent.


Sent message status codes


12.gif Pending Pending transmission; this status displays briefly.
13.gif Received Acknowledged by the vehicle.
14.gif Read Acknowledged by the vehicle with a return receipt.
15.gif Transmitting The message is being transmitted to the NOC.
16.gif Failed The vehicle did not receive the message. Typical failures are that the message was rejected by the NOC or the vehicle was not in coverage. Click More Info.


Reasons why forward messages are rejected by the NOC


Following are the most common reasons why forward messages are rejected by the NOC:

  • The unit is no longer in the NOC account
  • The host macro version does not match the NOC's macro version
  • The message text contains non-supported characters
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