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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Configure Default Vehicle Settings


Vehicles are automatically created in QTRACS when the device is first powered on and communicates over the air. They receive default settings, such as their coverage, message group, and reporting interval, based on the default vehicle settings for your account.

  1. In the QTRACS application, click the Vehicles tab.
  2. Click Default vehicle above the list on the left. The default vehicle settings appear below the map on the right
  3. Check the boxes for the devices in your fleet. Different device types may have different default setting fields available for your to configure.
  4. Click edit above the details on the right.
  5. Configure the default settings based on your fleet's needs. Be sure to click the Device Config tab on the left to see all the fields.
    1. Verify the positioning interval, which is how often the unit sends a mobile initiated position report (MIPR). Omnitracs recommends a 15 minute interval to ensure you have a detailed position history.
    2. Power down timer is how long the unit waits after the vehicle's ignition is turned off before powering down. Omnitracs recommends a setting of 240 minutes.
  6. Click save.

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