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View, Edit, or Delete Vehicle Parameter Types


Because data extracts are based on information defined by parameter settings, you typically don't want to change parameters during an extraction cycle. When you make changes, you can reset the affected mobile units immediately or wait until the next scheduled extraction.

  1. Click Setup, then click Vehicle Types.
  2. Locate the vehicle type in the list and click to select it. Its details appear on the right with the Performance Monitoring tab selected.
  3. Click each tab to view all of the parameters: Fault Monitoring, Mobile Behavior, Data Source.
  4. To change the default vehicle type to the one you selected, click the \/ next to edit above the details and select Set as default.
  5. The ✓symbox appears in the listing to identify this vehicle type as the default.
  6. To edit the vehicle type, click edit.
  7. Change the parameters as needed.
  8. Click save.
  9. In the pop-up window that opens, select whether to send the new parameters to the affected vehicles immediately, or with the next scheduled extract.
  10. Click Continue.

Delete a vehicle type

You can only delete a vehicle type with no assigned vehicles. You cannot delete the default vehicle type. You must first make a different vehicle type the default.

  1. Click Setup, then click Vehicle Types.
  2. Select the vehicle type and click delete.
  3. Click OK.

For descriptions of the specific settings, see the glossary or the Administration and Configuration Guide, Chapter 2.

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