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The Distance Screen

Overview and Navigation

The Distance screen is a list of distance records currently entered in the Omnitracs system.  From this screen, users can view distance records, add distance records, or edit existing records.

Ten records are shown at a time.  You can page through the list of records by using the navigation aids at the bottom of the screen.

  • Previous - will navigate to the previous page of distance records.
  • Next - will navigate to the next numbered page of distance records (i.e., if you are on Page 2, selecting Next will get you to Page 3).
  • Numbered (e.g., 1,2,3) - select any number to navigate to that specific page of distance records.


Distances Screen 

One.png Row.  Select any row to bring up the View Distance screen.
Two.png Navigation Tabs.  Navigate to any tab by clicking on it.  The current tab is underlined.
Three.png Add Distance button.  Select this button to add a new Distance record.
Four.png Records Navigation bar.  Navigate through the current window's records by selecting numbers, back arrows, or forward arrows.


Adding Distance

Perform the following to add a Distance record.

  1. From the Distance screen, select the Add Distance button Add Distance button.  The New Distance Record screen appears.
  2. Fill in the fields as necessary.  Required fields are outlined in red.
  3. Select Save.

Add Distance Field Definitions

* Required fields are denoted by an asterisk.

Field Values Definition
Jurisdiction  Drop-down, State or Province State or Province in which miles driven (distance record) were accrued.
Total Miles * Numeric Number of miles or kilometers (non-toll) that were driven.
Date Date (MM/DD/YYYY) Date on which miles were driven.
Vehicle ID * Drop-down (varies per company) Vehicle that accrued miles for this recovery_ramdisk
Unit Type Drop-down Preferred unit of measure (miles or kilometers)
Beginning Odometer Numeric Odometer reading before accrued distance.
Ending Odometer Numeric Odometer reading after accrued distance.
Toll Miles Numeric Number of miles or kilometers that were driven on toll roads.
Comments Alphanumeric Comments relevant to distance record, up to 60 characters.

Editing Distance

Perform the following to edit a Distance Record.

  1. Select the entry to be edited from the Distance screen.  The Distance Record screen appears.
  2. Select the Edit icon.  Fields will become editable.
  3. Make edits as necessary, including comments.
  4. Select Save.

Edit Distance Field Definitions

Field Definitions for editing distance entries are the same as for Adding Distance.

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