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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Omnitracs Navigation v5.6 with FMCSA rules, IVG 1014 for all OT Nav units in production

Omnitracs Navigation provides drivers with a tool that they can easily use to find the best path to take for their trip. The application features a map showing the driver the path, as well as audible and visible alerts for turns and other important events. In addition, you can configure the application regarding the types of roads it proposes so that the path meets your needs.

The product has the following features:

  • The driver can provide feedback on road closures and other conditions
  • The driver can choose the most commonly used options and add them to the Quick Menu for easier access.
  • The driver can search for a destination and add it to the trip.
  • The driver can select a point on the map and get directions to it
  • The driver can search for a fuel stop or restaurant, or other point of interest (POI) and save it or navigate to it
  • The driver can select paths for Hazmat loads (requires v12 maps)
  • The driver can add waypoints along routes to enforce route (requires v12 maps)
  • The driver can manipulate the map, such as zooming in and out, to see more or less area.
  • The driver can find a detour to the next location if necessary.
  •  Omnitracs Navigation can be integrated with a transportation management system (TMS) can receive trips from the TMS
  • If there are stop notes for the individual stops on the trip, the driver can view the notes
  • The driver can add, edit, or remove a stop on a trip
  • The driver can re-sequence stops on a trip
  • The driver can choose to have the application automatically arrive at a stop, or to manually arrive at the stop
  • Depending on how the system is configured, the driver can set the vehicle attributes and path settings that will affect the path that is suggested
  • The driver is alerted when maps need to be updated. When alerted, the driver can update maps then, or at a later time.
  • The driver will hear audible alerts for issues like speeding. Depending on how the system is configured the driver can choose the settings for these alerts.
  •  The driver can easily access help.
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