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In-Cab Scanning 3.0 Release Notes


This document describes the changes addressed in the 3.0 release of In-Cab Scanning. The primary objective of this release is to deprecate Flash technology. Support for this technology is being removed from browsers in favor of more modern and comprehensive user interface technology.

Note: No changes were made to any functionality in this release.

The following sections highlight the differences in the user interface between the old and new screens of the application.


The login URLs will remain the same.

Old New
Login screen - old Login window - new

Known Changes

As part of this release, now all users, including Admin users, will be redirected to the Home screen after logging in.


Home - Old Home - New
Home screen - old Home screen - new

Settings: Email Alerts

Email Alerts - Old Email Alerts - New
Email Alerts - old Email Alerts - new

Settings: FTP

FTP - Old FTP - New
FTP - old FTP - new

Settings: InfoRouter

InfoRouter - Old InfoRouter - New
InfoRouter - old InfoRouter - new

Settings: Delivery Setup

Delivery Setup – Old Delivery Setup – New
Delivery Setup - old Delivery Setup - new

Settings: Integration

Integration – Old Integration – New
Integration - old Integration - new


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