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Hours of Service 6.1.3 Release Notes


We are pleased to announce that the Omnitracs Enterprise Services, Hours of Service 6.1.3 release is available. 
This release includes Feature Enhancements and Software Corrections.

Feature Enhancements

The Feature Enhancements section describes the changes included in the release.

ELD Compliance

To prevent ERODS from failing to transfer successfully to the FMCSA whenever a customer had failed to enter the motor carrier’s DOT # in the required fields, we populated the blank field with a default of 9999999.   We were required to remove this default and are communicating the requirement for motor carriers to review their company set up to ensure their DOT # is populated in all required fields.

In addition to the requirement to enter the DOT#, we have listed other required fields that must be completed by the motor carrier to prevent the ERODS from failing to pass to the FMCSA which could result in inspection violations. 

Office Tab –Company Name must be at least 4 characters in length, and the Carrier must enter their DOT #The full Carrier address must also be entered.

* Any driver not assigned to a Carrier (in the Carrier tab) displays the information provided in the Office tab. 

Carrier Tab – DOT # must be entered for any and all created Carriers that have been created.

Carrier Name -All Carrier Names must be at least 4 characters in length and the full address must be entered. 

Depot – The complete address for the depot must be entered if your drivers intend to enter Canada 

Driver – Driver ID’s must be 4 characters in length, Names must be at least 2 characters in length and the Driver’s License information must be entered as shown as issued including the country and State/Province.

Vehicle ID – The Vehicle ID assigned to a CMV must be at least 1 character in length.   The CMV should be set to ELD mode for each vehicle or identified as using the Fleet Setting.

Users ID –  User ID’s must consist of a minimum of 4 characters.  This requirement includes any web integration users that may be making changes to driver logs.  

 HOS Setup – Ensure that Fleet ELD Mode is set to ELD.

Driver Notification when ECM connection is not available

Driver Notification

When the driver clocks in or clocks out using the DHM Portal, the driver will receive a notification (below) that the new On Duty status event (Clock In) or the new Off Duty Status event (Clock Out) may be missing required ELD data elements since there is no connection to an Engine Control Module (ECM).  The ELD regulations require the driver to acknowledgement the notification.  The missing data elements do not have a negative impact on the performance of the ELD or driver information.

Notification Message:

Specific vehicle data elements required for the requested change are unavailable when no ECM connection is detected, you must acknowledge and confirm these required vehicle data elements are missing.


Malfunction Report

The Malfunction Report now includes the new additional potential causes for triggering  Diagnostic and Malfunction events on the mobile device. 


Software Corrections

Work Item Number Issue Component
OHOS-10192 Fixed an issue in the Hours of Service (HOS) Diagnostic and Malfunctions Report that did not display the "Clear Date/Time" value. HOS
OHOS-8542 The following change was made to prevent data corruption while swapping automatically recorded drive time (Drive Time) between Co-Drivers. Once a Drive Time swap has been initiated by an Administrator, any further swaps between the impacted drivers will not be permitted until both drivers have accepted the change(s).

Administrators should ensure edits are complete prior to saving their changes to prevent any inconvenience.
OHOS-10427 Fixed an issue when updating a driver record in QTRACS (First Name, Last Name, Driver License, etc.) who is ELD Exempt in Hours of Service (HOS), their ELD Exempt Status was removed. HOS
OHOS-7053 Fixed an issue to prevent database locking, which caused performance issues / delays on the system. HOS
OHOS-8573 Fixed an issue where the Odometer jump was not reported in Odometer Jump Report. HOS
OHOS-9091 Fixed an issue where CANMain 7 day duty cycle showed Cumulative On Duty time incorrectly. HOS
OHOS-9403 Fixed an issue where the user can enter a Carrier Name on the Office tab that was less than 4 characters in length. HOS
OHOS-9548 Fixed an issue where the Host 14-hour clock was showing time incorrectly. HOS
OHOS-9571 Fixed an issue when a change in odometer miles was reported, but the odometer miles were not included in the Odometer Jump Report. HOS
OHOS-9940 Fixed an issue where a certified manual driving status could not be edited or annotated due to missing Correction and Comments icons in the Host Driver Details page. HOS


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