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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Driver Training Videos

Hours of Service Interface Overview


A tour of the Hours of Service application tabs.


How to Log In and Log Out


A demonstration of how to log in and log out of the in-cab mobile unit.


Third Driver Login


Want to track your driver-trainer's hours while out on training rides? Omnitracs allows you to have three drivers logged in! Watch this video for details on how to record, display, and send ERODS.


How to Enter Load and Carrier Info


Load details and carrier information is required. Watch this video to learn how to enter load and carrier information and avoid a form an manner violation.


How to Maintain Your Hours of Service Logs


A demonstration of how to maintain your logs on the in-cab unit.


Editing Your Logs and Dealing with Carrier Edits


A demonstration of how to edit your logs and what to expect when your carrier makes edits to your logs.


Unassigned Vehicle Activity


All drive time is recorded and must be assigned to a driver. Watch this video to see how to reduce or eliminate unassigned vehicle activity.


How to Record Personal Conveyance


Personal conveyance is drive time recorded while you're off duty. Watch a demo of how to indicate that time on your logs.


What to do During a Road-Side Inspection


An overview of your responsibilities, how to send logs to an inspector, and what to do with the in-cab unit during a road-side inspection.


AOBRD to ELD Transition Driver Training


An overview of what drivers see and do differently as you convert from AOBRDs to ELDs.


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