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Editing Drive Time

Drive time can only be edited if it is manual drive time and after the logs have been certified. 

Automatically recorded driving time can be swapped amongst team drivers or assigned when the driving event was an unassigned driving event.

For team drivers, a driver may edit and reassign driving time records erroneously recorded to their account (see section of Appendix A). The drivers must have indicated each other as co-drivers in their record of duty status (RODS). Each co-driver must confirm the change for the edit to take effect.

Driving time assumed from the unidentified driver profile in error may be returned to the unidentified driver profile so that it can be assumed by the correct driver (see section of Appendix A).

Drivers may assume a subset of driving time from the unidentified driver profile. The amount of automatically recorded drive time may not change but can be split between the driver and the unidentified driver profile so that the remaining time can be assumed by the correct driver.

Drivers may not assume driving time from the unidentified driving profile and convert it to Off-Duty (PC) or On-Duty Not Driving (YM). Per 395.28, drivers must select the applicable special driving category (YM or PC) before the start of that status and then deselect that category when the indicated status ends. Selection and deselection of the special driving category must be indicated at the time the status changes and cannot be added later. If the status that should have been in effect is either PC or YM, and the driver had not already selected the appropriate driving category, then the unidentified driving time should be annotated because enforcement personnel consider annotations and GPS coordinates to determine if a violation is present.

*If the IVG detects speeds of 5mph or more the drive time will be recorded as automatic drive time. Per the ELD mandate, this drive time can not be edited if a single driver was logged into the vehicle. If the customer is disputing the drive time the customer can add a comment to the driving segment explaining the reason the driving segment is inaccurate or why they are disputing the drive time.

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