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Define Recipients

In this step you define who should receive this email alert.

You can send this alert to any valid email address, including email groups. Links in the email alert take the recipient to the HOS application. Recipients who do not have a Services Portal login with HOS permissions will not be able to follow the link to the HOS application.

Reply To
Type an email address for the person or group in your company who receives emails from recipients requesting removal from the email alert. A link in the email alert is used to send a removal request.
Enter up to 25 email addresses to receive this alert. To send the alert to more than 25 people, create an email group with the users. Alternately, duplicate this alert and add the additional recipients. The counter indicates how many email addresses can be added.
Notes (optional)
If desired, type up to 500 characters of text that you want to appear in the email alert. It appears in every alert that is sent. The counter indicates how many characters are remaining. You cannot format notes text (for example, bold or italic), however, you can use capital letters for emphasis.
Send Test Email
Click to send a test email to your recipients. It is your responsibility to check that emails were received. The email clearly states "Test Email" in the subject and body.

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