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Validation Rules and Error Messages

Validation Rules  

Validation checks are performed to guarantee data integrity. In order to ensure correctness of the transfer request parameters, the Unit Transfer Service will

  • Verify that the provided Customer Id exists and is active
  • Verify that the provided unit exists - identified by its serial number
  • Verify that the unit is owned by the provided Customer Id
  • Verify that there is no pending transaction for the unit
  • Verify that the provided NMC account exists, is active and owned by the provided Customer Id

If a unit is found to be in the desired target account already, the request is ignored while the status of the response will be set to 'success'.

Error Messages  

 The following Error Codes and Error Messages will be returned by the Unit Transfer Service:


Response Code

Response Status

Response Message




The user is not authorized to execute this procedure on the provided unit or customer.

The user is not configured for the provided OID or customer. Verify input unit, Co_Id and contact Omnitracs to verify user configuration.



Invalid parameter provided: <Parameter Name>

The Unit Transfer Service was unable to process the provided parameter due to an invalid name or value. Parameter names are limited to 50 characters, the value can be up to 4000 characters long.
If possible, the name of the parameter will be provided.



The provided Customer Id (CO_ID) is invalid.

The provided customer id could not be found. Verify the input customer id (CO_ID).



A pending transaction exists for the unit.

The Unit Transfer Service is already processing another transaction for the unit. Client request can be re-submitted once the initial request is completed.



The provided serial number is invalid.

The unit does not exist. Verify input serial number.



The unit with this serial number does not belong to the provided customer Id.

Unit is owned by a different customer. Verify input customer and serial number.



The provided NMC Account is invalid.

The provided NMC Account could not be found or is not active. Verify input NMC Account.



The NMC Account does not belong to the provided Customer Id.

The provided NMC Account is owned by a different customer. Verify input customer and NMC Account.



No target NMC Account found in parameters

The request did not contain a target NMC Account. Verify and correct request message.

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