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T.2.04.0 - Forward Message Read Notification

Here is a SAMPLE XML segment showing what this transaction will look like:

 <tran ID="32164">



      <equipment ID="0049726984" SCAC="LABU" equipType="tractor"/>

      <position lat="40.156111111" lon="-75.8275" posTS="2006-05-05T19:21:40Z"/>

      <proximity city="Reading" postal="19601" country="US" distance="13.76" direction="SSE" placeType="CITY" stateProv="PA"/>

      <proximity city="Elverson" postal="19520" country="US" distance=".29" direction="@" placeType="TOWN" stateProv="PA"/>








The following diagram illustrates the XML schema for the Forward Message Read Notification transaction.  

There are several Shared Complex Types which are re-used within most of the Services Portal (SP) transactions.

This completionCode element of this transaction will contain one of the following forward message completion codes.


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