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Change Vehicle Coverage


Given a vehicle identifier, this method changes the coverage as indicated by the newCoverage parameter. newCoverage must contain a valid QTRACS user or address list.

void changeVehicleCoverage(AssetIdentifier vehicle, String newCoverage) throws WSException

  • vehicle: A QTWebServices AssetIdentifier containing the SCAC and ID of the vehicle whose coverage is to be changed.
  • newCoverage: The QTRACS user or address list that will become the coverage for this vehicle.


Authorization Requirements


The credentials supplied with this method call (as specified in the accompanying WS-Security header) must be authorized to the following application(s) and their associated role-based permissions.

Required Application Licenses
- Remote Integration

Required User Permissions
- Can use QTRACS
- Can set up coverages

Customer integrators are authorized to their own company's data only. 


Sample XML Request


Only the SOAP body is shown. To see a sample SOAP Envelope and Header, click here.











Sample XML Response


No response means successful change of vehicle coverage. If there was an error, an exception would have been thrown.







002 Required field not specified.
003 Company not authorized for access through integration.
004 User is not authorized.
005 SCAC is required.
006 SCAC is invalid.
007 Vehicle ID is required.
008 Vehicle not found.
009 Invalid function code specified.
010 New coverage ID must be specified.
011 Vehicle is already in this coverage.
012 The vehicle is already in this coverage.
013 The old coverage does not exist.
014 Old coverage ID must be specified.
015 Coverage ID cannot begin with '*'.
016 DEADLETTER is not a valid coverage.
017 The coverage must be a user or an address list.
018 The address list specified cannot be a coverage because its membership exceeds the limit.

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