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Check Authorization


The checkAuthorization web service returns an application capability string for the authenticated user.
This string can optionally be filtered to return information for a single application using the application ID input.

String checkAuthorization(string applicationId) throws WSException

  • applicationId: (optional) A string of maximum length 10 that specifies the unique application identifier to return the capability string for. Valid values are:








    Returned Value






    Perform authentication only.

    Returns a blank string on success.

    " "


    Request application capabilities for all apps.

    Returns an application capability string as defined below.



    Application family id.

    Returns a string of application capabilities for the requested app with no prefix or suffix.


Failed authentication returns a web service error as described on the Web Service Engine Errors page.

Returns a null string on exceptions; otherwise returns an application capability string.
The string is a series of on/off indicators that specify whether or not the user is authorized for particular features within an application.

  • Each application is delimited by a comma ",".
  • If a user is not authorized to a particular application, then that application is not provided in the list.
  • A full list of application IDs and app-specific capabilities can be found on the Application Information page.

Authorization Requirements

The credentials supplied with this method call (as specified in the accompanying WS-Security header) must be authorized to the following application(s) and their associated role-based permissions.

Required Application Licenses
- Remote Integration

Required User Permissions
- None

Sample XML Request

Only the SOAP body is shown. To see a sample SOAP Envelope and Header, click here.






Sample XML Response







001 Unknown Error.
003 Company not authorized for integration.
004 User not authorized.

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