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Carbon Copy Return Message

Carbon Copy Return Message

Carbon copy a return message to additional recipients, given a Global Message Handle

void ccReturnMessage(int inGMH, String ccName) throws WSException

  • inGMH: A global message handle whose message is to be carbon copied.
  • ccName: A user or address list to carbon copy the message to.

Authorization Requirements

The credentials supplied with this method call (as specified in the accompanying WS-Security header) must be authorized to the following application(s) and their associated role-based permissions.

Required Application Licenses
- Remote Integration

Required User Permissions
- Can use QTRACS

Customer integrators are authorized to their own company's data only.

Sample XML Request

Only the SOAP body is shown. To see a sample SOAP Envelope and Header, click here.







Sample XML Response

No response conveys success. If delete did not succeed, an exception would have been thrown.





002 Required field not specified.
003 Company not authorized for access through integration.
004 User is not authorized.
005 User is not authorized.
006 Specified GMH cannot be found
007 Address list or user not valid
008 GMH is not a return text message

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