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Suspend Landmark Notifications


This web service is used to suspend or resume landmark event (pre-arrival, arrival, and departure) notifications. Landmark events are suspended for a specified landmark and asset pair. The desired landmark must be specified via its name or its alias. 

void suspendLandmarkNotifications(string companyId, string landmarkName, string landmarkAlias, AssetIdentifier asset, string assetType, boolean suspensionFlag) throws WSException

  • companyId: (optional) A string of maximum length 10 that specifies the unique company identifier. If no company is specified, the company of the authorized user will be used.
  • landmarkName: A string, maximum length 25, specifying the unique name of the landmark whose event notifications shall be suspended/resumed. Not required if landmarkAlias is specified.
  • landmarkAlias: A string, maximum length 25, specifying the unique alias of the landmark whose event notifications shall be suspended/resumed. This parameter is ignored if a landmarkName is specified.
  • asset:  An OLOXWebSvcs Asset Identifier object containing the SCAC and ID of the asset whose landmark event notifications shall be suspended/resumed.
  • assetType: A string of length 1 that is used to indicate the type of asset involved in the suspension/restoration. Possible values are: 
    • 0 = vehicle
    • 1 = trailer
  • suspensionFlag: A boolean to indicate if the landmark event notifications should be suspended. 
    • true = suspend notifications
    • false = resume notifications

Authorization Requirements

The credentials supplied with this method call (as specified in the accompanying WS-Security header) must be authorized to the following application(s) and their associated role-based permissions.

Required Application Licenses
- Remote Integration
- GeoServices
- Either QTRACS or Trailer Tracks (depending on the asset type associated with the suspension)

Required User Permissions
- Can use GeoServices
- Can maintain landmarks

Customer integrators are authorized to their own company's data only.

Sample XML Request

Only the SOAP body is shown. To see a sample SOAP Envelope and Header, click here.














Sample XML Response


   <p431:suspendLandmarkNotifications xmlns:p431="http://websvcs.oloxwebws">



001 Unknown Error.
003 Company not authorized for integration.
004 User not authorized.
005 Invalid company id.
006 Landmark not found.
007 Invalid asset type.
008 Asset not found.

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