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Update Inspection Report


Updates an Inspection Report with a new status and/or resolution.

You will be notified about new Inspection Reports via ESS transaction T.7.01.0.

The <key> element holds the inspection report ID that must be used in the web service call to UpdateVIR.

All other fields should be self explanatory per the comments on the  schema.

UpdateVIRResponse updateVIR(UpdateVIRRequest request)

Elements of CreateDeliveryRequest:

  • reportId: Requried. This is the unique value which indicates which inspection report you will be updating. It must match the <key> element of the T.7.01.0 transaction received from ESS
  • status: Required. This indicates the updated status of report. Valid values are 1 or 99 and subject to the validation rules below.
    • 1 = In Progress
    • 99 = Closed
  • vendor: The vendor or mechanic that the defects are assigned to.
  • resolution: The resolution of the defects.  Must be one of: defectsCorrected or defectsNeedNotBeCorrected
  • fixNotes: Optional notes about the resolution

When updating an inspection report and setting the status to 1 (in progress), the remaining fields are all optional. Typically an integrator would update without closing to assign a vendor or mechanic to resolve the defects, or to add some notes.

When the status is set to 99 (closed), the vendor and resolution MUST be included in the request, even if they had been set previously. The fixNotes field is always optional.

Setting the status to 99 will cause the inspection report to be closed and a message with the resolution sent to the vehicle.

Sample XML Request

Only the SOAP body is shown. To see a sample SOAP Envelope and Header, click here.


  <ns2:UpdateVIRRequest xmlns:ns2="">





    <ns2:fixNotes>Fixed ...</ns2:fixNotes>




Sample XML Responses

Success Response


  <ns2:UpdateVIRResponse xmlns:ns2="">




Error Response

If there is an error in processing the request, an SoapFault will be thrown with the value set to a specific reason for the error.

Errors that could be received include:

  • User does not have the rights to update a report
  • Invalid input provided for the update VIR WS Request. Please verify the values and try again.
  • Customer was null
  • Trying to update DVIR when Integration disabled for the company
  • Error occurred during updateReport for the maintenance package




    <faultstring xml:lang="en">Error occured during updateReport. Vendor/Mechanic cannot be null when closing a VIR</faultstring>



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