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Create Driver 2


Given a Driver2 object, this web service creates a driver entry on the Services Portal. A driver is created in both QTRACS and Performance Monitoring. 

void createDriver2(Driver2 driver) throws WSException

  • driver: A Driver2 object with details for creating the driver.

Authorization Requirements

The credentials supplied with this method call (as specified in the accompanying WS-Security header) must be authorized to the following application(s) and their associated role-based permissions.

Required Application Licenses
- Remote Integration

Required User Permissions
- Can use QTRACS
- Can set up drivers
- Can use Peformance Monitoring
- Can maintain vehicles and drivers

- Can see drivers

Customer integrators are authorized to their own company's data only.

Sample XML Request

Only the SOAP body is shown. To see a sample SOAP Envelope and Header, click here.





      <driverName>Joe Bob</driverName>




      <subfleetId>Milk Men</subfleetId>




      <alias>Big Joe</alias>




        <string>T - Double/Triple Trailers</string>

        <string>S - School Bus</string>





      <limitations xsi:nil="true"/>





          <name>Shoe size</name>




          <name>Shirt size</name>









Sample XML Response

An empty response conveys success. If there was an error, an exception would have been thrown.






001 Unknown Error.
002 Required field not specified.
003 Company not authorized for integration.
004 User is not authorized.
005 Driver already exists.
006 Driver ID must be specified.
007 Driver ID invalid.
008 Driver name must be specified.
009 Driver name invalid.
010 Driver login password must be specified.
011 Driver login password invalid.
012 Performance Monitoring password invalid.
013 Subfleet Id is invalid.
014 Driver ID and Performance Monitoring password cannot be the same.
015 Driver alias invalid.
016 Assigned vehicle not found.
017 Assigned company location not found.
018 Driver status invalid.
019 Bid number invalid.
020 Shift invalid.
021 CDL number invalid.
022 Employee type invalid.
023 Limitation errors - dynamically filled with error code:limitation name in a semi-colon delimited string
      -- an example: 023 Limitation errors - 0001:Prescription lenses needed;0001:Cannot work with others
      -- see the table below for all valid error codes and their meanings (only 0001 and 0002 apply)
024 CDL Endorsement errors - dynamically filled with error code:CDL endorsement name in a semi-colon delimited string
      -- an example: 024 CDL Endorsement errors - 0001:Q - Double/Triple Trailer;0001:M - Magic School Bus
      -- see the table below for all valid error codes and their meanings (only 0001 and 0002 apply)
025 Custom Attribute errors - dynamically filled with error code:custom attribute name in a semi-colon delimited string
      -- an example: 025 Custom Attribute errors - 0001:Shoe Size;0001:Shirt Size
      -- see the table below for all valid error codes and their meanings
026 Driver first name invalid.
027 Driver last name invalid.
028 The CDL number must be unique when the company is Omnitracs One compatible.


Error Code



Error Description



Attribute name does not exist for this company


Attribute name length is invalid


Attribute value contains an illegal character


Attribute value length is invalid

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