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T.5.01.0 - GeoServices Event Notification


The GeoServices Event Notification transaction is published whenever GeoServices detects (or is informed) that a geo-spatial event (e.g. arrival, departure) has occurred for a given asset (or collection of connected assets). This event is only published if both the mobile asset and the landmark belong to the same division. Otherwise, the arrival/departure is considered superfluous.

Additionally, GeoServices may be optionally configured to publish updates to previous arrival/departure events. Specifically, these notifications are timestamp refinements that are published if the system learns that an asset actually arrived/departed from a landmark earlier than originally detected. For example, the system may first publish an 'arrival' notification that an asset arrived at a landmark at 10:00 PM. Later, it may learn that the asset actually arrived at 9:53 PM. If this case, the system will publish an 'arrival update'. Consumers of this notification must examine the gsEventID which will be one of the following:

  • arrival
  • departure
  • arrival update
  • departure update 

Note that some of the elements which may occur multiple times include:

  • an <equipment> element is provided for each/every asset that may be connected
  • a <proximity> element is provided for the closest city, the closest town, and the most relevant custom landmark that the asset(s) are at/nearby (if any)


Sample XML Snippet

<tran ID="39408">



    <equipment mobileType="4" unitAddress="0105082431" ID="242" SCAC="WOWN" division="DFT" equipType="tractor"/>

    <position lon="-77.543889" lat="43.106944" posTS="2009-10-06T14:31:52Z"/>

    <proximity postal="14601" country="US" stateProv="NY" city="Rochester" placeName="ROCHESTER" direction=" SE" distance="5.24" placeType="CITY"/>

    <proximity postal="14618" country="US" stateProv="NY" city="Twelve Corners" placeName="TWELVE CORNERS" direction=" SE" distance="1.20" placeType="TOWN"/>

    <proximity placeAlias="25" postal="14618" country="US" stateProv="NY" city="Pittsford" placeName="Pittsford" direction="@" distance=".00" placeType="customer"/>






    <gsevent placeAlias="25" placeName="Pittsford" placeType="customer" placeDivision="Any" gsEventID="arrival"/>





The following diagram illustrates the T.5.01.0 GeoServices Event Notification...

Shared Complex Types 

Several of the Shared Complex Types are referenced within the GeoServices Event Notification transaction.


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