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T.3.07.0 -  Mobile Exact Fuel Event



This transaction type is published by the Services Portal (an Exact Fuel application license is required) whenever a Fuel Event is returned from an MCP-equipped tractor at Ignition Toggle or Timer Expiration. The purpose of the event is to provide notice via integration of the vehicle's fuel level. 




The following diagram illustrates the transaction type's XML schema. Some of the Shared Complex Types are referenced within the transaction type.


(info)  Note that the tankCapacity and tankCurrentLevel elements are defined for future use and will not be available in the initial implementation.


Sample XML Transaction




  <equipment ID="242" unitAddress="0105082431" equipType="tractor"/>


  <position lon="-77.543889" lat="43.106944" posTS="2009-10-06T14:31:52Z"/>

















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