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T.2.13.0 - Driver Login Event Notification


This transaction type is published whenever a login event is received from a mobile device.  It provides a mechanism to notify of driver logins, logouts, and security breach events.  Notifications are only generated when the Global Login feature is enabled.

A driver is considered logged in when the dlEventID element contains the value 101. Any other value indicates the driver is logged off.

Code | Description                                       


101  | Driver Logged In                                   

102  | Driver Logged Off                                 

103  | User Forced Driver to Log Off                     

104  | Driver Bumped Off (b/c he logged onto another MCT)

105  | Unknown Driver Log Off (determ from a Rtv function)

200  | Security Breach - Too Many LogOn Attempts         

201  | Security Breach - Time Exceeded to LogOn          

202  | Security Breach - Distance Exceeded to LogOn      

300  | Driver Entity Record was AutoAdded                

Sample XML Snippet

<tran ID="45912">



    <equipment SCAC="WOWN" ID="242" equipType="tractor" unitAddress="0105082431" mobileType="4" />



    <position lon="-77.543889" lat="43.106944" posTS="2009-10-06T14:31:52Z" />

    <proximity postal="14601" country="US" stateProv="NY" city="Rochester" placeName="ROCHESTER" direction="SE" distance="5.24" placeType="CITY" />

    <proximity postal="14618" country="US" stateProv="NY" city="Twelve Corners" placeName="TWELVE CORNERS" direction="SE" distance="1.20" placeType="TOWN" />









The following diagram illustrates the T.2.13.0 Driver Login Event Notification...

Shared Complex Types

Several of the Shared Complex Types are referenced within the Driver Login Event Notification transaction.

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