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T.1.05.0 - Battery Event Notification


When a T2 battery reaches the point where it is considered completely discharged, the T2 will send a battery-needs-charged event and switch to hibernation mode. At this point, the T.1.05 (and the T.1.10 Mobile Health) transaction is published.

Later, when the battery is recharged and the T2 begins reporting again, a T.1.10 transaction will be published indicating that the battery is good again.

Tip: If you simply want to know when the battery goes dead, you integrate to T.1.05. But if you want to know when it goes dead and when it comes alive again (plus the other health conditions), then integrate to the T.1.10. Alternately, if you don't care to know when the battery charge actually transitions between good/bad, then you can simply look at the battery status that is included with each T.1.07 Status report.

Sample Transaction

Here is a SAMPLE XML segment showing what this transaction will look like:

<tran ID="25682">



      <equipment ID="*041234567" SCAC="FAK1" equipType="tractor"/>

      <equipment ID="CSI1077" mobileType="10" unitAddress="0121001077" equipType="trailer" SCAC="LABZ"/>

      <position lat="40.157222222" lon="-75.881388888" posTS="2015-07-01T11:58:46Z"/>

      <proximity city="Reading" postal="19601" country="US" distance="12.73" direction="SSE" placeType="CITY" stateProv="PA"/>

      <proximity city="Morgantown" postal="19543" country="US" distance=".55" direction="ENE" placeType="TOWN" stateProv="PA"/>






The following diagram illustrates the XML schema for the Battery Event Notification transaction. There are several Shared Complex Types which are re-used within most of the Services Portal transactions.


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