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Integration Toolkit Release Notes (v2.3)

What's New for v2.3?


In Brief

The Portal Integration Toolkit (PIT) requires IBM's Integrated Web Services (IWS) feature rather than IBM's CTC Toolkit product for all underlying web service integration. IBM IWS is a free, optionally installable product that's native to the IBM i OS. Note: IBM i OS v7r1 is the minimal version compatible with PIT v2.3.

The new version of the PIT is functionally equivalent to the prior version with the exception of the ESS Dequeue wrapper (OTSDQ), which has been deprecated. The ESS High Volume Dequeue wrapper (IIDEQUEUE) continues to be supported and is now the sole interface to the ESS dequeue web service.

Additional Enhancements

Enhanced IFS Logging

IFS log file names now match the corresponding wrapper program names and include both the raw HTTP XML request and response as well as highly detailed audit trail information to simplify troubleshooting throughout the calling stack.

Limited "Multi-Account" Support

Customers utilizing two or more Services Portal accounts (company instances) can now issue certain web service wrapper calls against specific company instances. Credential information for additional company instances may be stored in the PIT configuration table (IICONFIGP) as additional rows. A new API (IISETCO) is provided to set or reset the company context for subsequent wrapper calls made from the given job's context.

Note that multi-company support is only offered for non-messaging related web service wrappers - wrappers associated with ESS and text and macro messaging (both forward and return) are always executed from the primary company's context (i.e. context set via IISETCO API is ignored).

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