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Integration Toolkit Release Notes (v2.1)

What's New for v2.1?

In Brief

The operation, functionality, interfaces and components of the 2.1 versioned Portal Integration Toolkit remain largely unchanged in this latest version. This version incorporates the latest enhancements made to the CTC Toolkit library.

Product Enhancements

The Portal Integration Toolkit has been updated to include the latest versions of the CTC Toolkit service programs and will provide the following enhancements:

  • additional fixes/features necessary for the Technical Services Team to use to integrate with other QES servers (other than the SP).
  • For HTTP processing
    • Increase in internal buffer sizes
    • allows specification of HTTP version
    • allows retrieval of HTTP response header values
    • allows MIME encoding of binary data
  • For SAX processing
    • performance enhancement for Unicode character conversion with large buffer sizes.
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