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IQ Get Serial Numbers by Profile ID

add.pngAvailable in PIT v2.3

This ILE API wraps the IQ Get Serial Numbers by Profile ID web service. See its documentation for a further explanation of the input and output parameters, as well as the possible error conditions.


Given an Operational Profile ID, return all the current Serial Numbers assigned to that Profile. The serial numbers are returned in a fixed size output array - the count of serial numbers in the array is returned in a separate output parameter.

Parameter Interface:

Parameter Direction Type Length Precision Description
InProfileID Input Character 10 n/a Input operational profile ID
OutSerialNumCount Output Packed 5 0 Count of serial numbers returned in the output array
OutSerialNumArray Output Array of Character(10) 50000 x 10 n/a A fixed size output array containing up to 50,000 serial numbers, each 10 character in length
Error Category Output Decimal 3 0 Error Category, if any
Error Code Output Decimal 5 0 Error Code, if any
Error Description Output Character 150 varying n/a Error description, if any

An error category of 0 means that the information was returned successfully. Application error responses include:

001 Database Down
002 Unauthorized user
003 Unrecognized service
004 Duplicate request, wait for other request to complete
010 Invalid Data
011 Required field not specified
012 Unknown error
013 No Data Found

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