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HOS Update Vehicle

add.pngAvailable in PIT v2.3

This ILE API wraps the Update HOS Vehicle Web Service. See its documentation for a further explanation of the input and output parameters, as well as the possible error conditions.


Parameter Interface

Parameter Direction Type Length Precision Description
Original Vehicle Input DS n/a n/a See the Update Vehicle structure below
New Vehicle Input DS n/a n/a See the Update Vehicle structure below
Error Category Output Decimal 3 0 Error Category, if any
Error Code Output Decimal 5 0 Error Code, if any
Error Description Output Character 150 varying n/a Error description, if any

An error category of 0 means that the update was successful.

Update Vehicle Structure (HSVEHUPDS)

This DS is used by the caller of the HOS Update Vehicle web service wrapper to optionally specify one or more fields upon creation.

The caller MUST initialize (clear) the DS prior to use. This will zero the lengths of each field. Fields with zero lengths are considered null and will not be included in the update request sent to the web service.

The caller MUST assign values to each of the required fields. Note that it is up to the caller to ensure the validity of the field values and field combinations. Fields that are optional may be left in their initialized states i.e. zero lengths.

Field Type Length Precision Description
UA Character Varying 100 n/a Unified address assigned to the tractor.
Required for both Original Vehicle and New Vehicle parameters.
Alias Character Varying 100 n/a  
DepotID Character Varying 100 n/a  
TractorID Character Varying 100 n/a  
VIN Character Varying 100 n/a  
Groups Character Varying 100 x 20 n/a  
PlateNum Character Varying 100 n/a  
EldMode Character Varying 100 n/a  
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