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HOS Export Driver Information

add.pngAvailable in PIT v2.3

This ILE API wraps the HOS Export Driver Information. See its documentation for a further explanation of the input and output parameters, as well as the possible error conditions.


Parameter Interface:

Parameter Direction Type Length Precision Description
Driver ID Input Character 50 n/a Identifier for the driver
Rule Set Input Character 50 n/a HOS rule Set identifier: USA, CANMain, CANNorth, USACalifornia, USAFlorida, USATexas, USAAlaska
Time Resolution Input Character 1 n/a This parameter specifies whether certain values in the response are returned in seconds or minutes, where '1' = Values are returned in seconds, and '0' = values are returned in minutes.
Driver Details Output Character 2000 n/a See the HSDRVEXPDS external structure definition (also shown below), which may be used by the caller to map this output parameter
Error Category Output Decimal 3 0 Error Category, if any
Error Code Output Decimal 5 0 Error Code, if any
Error Description Output Character 150 varying n/a Error description, if any

An error category of 0 means that the driver's details were returned successfully.

Driver Export Structure (HSDRVEXPDS):

This data structure may be mapped over the Driver Details output parameter:

Field Type Length Precision Description
expDRIVR Character 10 n/a Driver Id
expPASS Character 15 n/a Password
expLASTN Character 15 n/a Last Name
expFIRST Character 15 n/a First Name
expDEPOT Character 10 n/a Depot Id
expTRUCK Character 10 n/a Tractor Id
expACTSTR Character 19 n/a Activity Started (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS)
expRESTBR Character 6 n/a Day Rest Break
expDAYDR Character 6 n/a Day Drive
expDAYDUT Character 6 n/a Day Duty
expWEEKDU Character 6 n/a Week Duty
expDAYOFF Decimal 6 0 Day Off
expSHIFT Decimal 6 0 Shift
expLASTA Character 19 n/a Last Avail Hours Recalc (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS)
expTODAYA Decimal 6 0 Today On Duty
expTODAYO Decimal 6 0 Today Off Duty
expTODAYS Decimal 6 0 Today Sleeper
expTODAYD Decimal 6 0 Today Drive
expYESTON Decimal 6 0 Yesterday On Duty
expYESTOF Decimal 6 0 Yesterday Off Duty
expYESTSL Decimal 6 0 Yesterday Sleeper
expYESTDR Decimal 6 0 Yesterday Drive
expACT Decimal 2 0 Activity
expTMZ Character 25 n/a TimeZone
expUSD Character 10 n/a US Duty Cycle
expCAND Character 15 n/a CAN Duty Cycle
expRULE Character 15 n/a Current Rule Set
exp24R Character 1 n/a 24hr Reset Enabled
expOIL Character 1 n/a Wait In Oil Well Enabled
expHAZ Character 1 n/a Hazmat Load Enabled
expCRT Character 19 n/a Cycle Reset Time (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS)
expNQC Character 19 n/a Next Qual Us Cycle Reset (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS)
expCAD Decimal 6 0 Contig Activ Duration
expCND Decimal 6 0 Contig Nonworking Duration
expWRKLFT Decimal 10 0 Work Left
expOPTSHF Decimal 10 0 Optimistic Shift
expDLYOFF Decimal 10 0 Daily Off Duty
exp2DLYOF Decimal 10 0 Daily Two Hour Off Duty
expOFFDTD Character 4 n/a Off Duty Deferral
expRSTEXP Character 1 n/a Rest Break Exemp Enabled
expRSTCUR Character 1 n/a Curr Using Rest Break Exemp
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