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Integration Toolkit Updates


Toolkit updates will be necessary in two scenarios:

  • Anytime one or more ESS transaction types are added or changed on the Services Portal (usually only during Services Portal releases)
  • Anytime one or more customer macros are added, changed, or deleted via the Services Portal

Toolkit Updates

Two forms of update are necessary when updating the Portal Integration Toolkit:

PLEASE NOTE: The versioned product of the PIT software is required with the new versions of the ESS static data files.  Before applying the latest ESS static data files do the following:

  • With a properly set library list, confirm the PIT software is at a product level of at least v2.0(0003) by issuing the following command on the target machine:  DSPDTAARA IIVERS
  • If the value in the data area is v2.0(0003) or greater then the static data files can be applied as normal. Otherwise, install the latest version of the PIT software from CD on to the target machine. This will apply the required software updates as well as the latest ESS static data files. 

Macro Updates

Don't forget that updates made to your company's macro template definitions on the Portal require a re-export of those templates from the Portal, and a re-import onto your iSeries, as described here.

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