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Integration Toolkit Installation


Installation of the Toolkit is performed by an Omnitracs engineer the same way that all other Omnitracs iSeries products are installed: via a CD which contains the Toolkit product libraries. Contact an Omnitracs customer service representative to initiate this process.

The engineer will use the Automated Software Distribution Utility (ASDU) to install the latest version of the Portal Integration Toolkit into proper libraries.


  • Operating system versions V5R4 and higher are supported. Version V5R3 and prior are not supported.
  • IBM's XML Toolkit (XT2) for IBM System i5/OS (product 5733XT2 with at least options 0, 4, and 5) is required. Contact Omnitracs customer support for assistance.

Important Notes

  • Existing Portal Integration Toolkit components found in the OMNI* libraries will be overwritten with newer counterparts.
  • Prior on-site modifications made to customizable Toolkit components will need to be remade, or abandoned after the installation.
  • Prior on-site modifications made to non-customizable Toolkit components will be overwritten.
  • See the manual steps for more information if upgrading from PIT v1.0.
  • Requests for changes to the non-customizable Toolkit components will need to be made via the typical change request process for all Omnitracs products.
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