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Importing Portal's Certificate to your iSeries


Importing the Services Portal's certificate into your iSeries allows programs on your iSeries to trust the security features employed by the Portal.


You will be using IBM Digital Certificate Manager (DCM). Using the DCM is typically done via a web interface. Online help is available by clicking the black question mark. Additional help can be found HERE.

cert3 (1).jpg

  1. Navigate to: http://hostname:2001/QIBM/ICSS/Cert/Admin/qycucm1.ndm/main0
  2. Click "Select a Certificate Store".
  3. Select "System" and press Continue.
  4. Enter the certificate store password, and press Continue.
  5. Along the left edge, click "Manage Certificates".
  6. Select "Import Certificate", and press Continue.
  7. Select "Certificate Authority" and press Continue.
  8. Navigate to the certificate file(s) you saved from the Portal. The path must be on the iSeries. Press Continue.
  9. You are asked to enter a descriptive label. Do so, and press Continue.
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