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Omnitracs Knowledge Base

Granting Client Keystore Read Authority


Programs on your iSeries need access to the client keystore in order to exchange secure credentials over SSL with the Portal.

Steps to Grant Authority to iSeries Users

Signon as QSECOFR (or another user with security officer capabilities) and get to an OS/400 command line:

1.  Issue "WRKAUT /qibm/userdata/ICSS/Cert/Server" and grant *RWX authority to *PUBLIC for that directory.


2.  Issue "WRKLNK /qibm/userdata/ICSS/Cert/Server"
    Via option 5, display the contents of the Server folder.
    Via option 9, grant *RWX authority to *PUBLIC for both files (DEFAULT.KDB and DEFAULT.RDB) in the folder.


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