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Create a *SYSTEM Store


Outline the steps for configuring Digital Certificate Manager (DCM) on the IBM System i system.  The steps below are summaries of the following IBM documents:
Digital Certificate Manager, Getting Started
How to Create the *SYSTEM Store in DCM


1. To Start the HTTP ADMIN instance (if it is not already active), do the following:

  • To determine if the ADMIN instance is active, run the following command:
  • If there are no active ADMIN jobs, run the following command:
  • Run the WRKACTJOB SBS(QHTTPSVR) JOB(ADMIN) command again, and press F5 (Refresh) until at least three ADMIN jobs are
    in *SIGW status.

2. To sign into Digital Certificate Manager, do the following:

  • Using a browser, access the following Web site:
    http://<ipaddress or hostname of the i5 system>:2001
    where <ipaddress or hostname of the i5 system> is the IP address or host name of the System i system.
  • You are prompted to type a profile and password. Use a system administrator level profile.
  • The browser will display the i5/OS TASKS or iSeries TASKS page. Click the link for Digital Certificate Manager.

3. To create a *SYSTEM store, do the following:

  • On the left panel, click Select a Certificate Store. If there is an option for *SYSTEM, you already have a *SYSTEM store.
  • If there is no option for *SYSTEM, on the left panel, click Create New Certificate Store. Click the bullet next to *SYSTEM,
    and then click Continue.
  • Click the bullet next to No - Do not create a certificate in the certificate store, and then click Continue.
  • Type a password for the *SYSTEM store (must be letters and numbers only with no punctuation nor spaces), and click Continue.
  • Click OK.
  • Click Cancel.
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