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Integration Toolkit Concepts

Integration Toolkit Proxy User

Each low level (SOAP) request sent to a Services Portal web service must contain a standard security header containing a set of user credentials, as defined in the Web Service Security section. The Portal Integration Toolkit encapsulates the complexity of formatting these low level requests and their required security headers, through the use of web service wrappers (APIs) and the concept of a proxy user, as follows:

  1. Customers create a Services Portal user account to act as their Integration Toolkit proxy user by logging onto Web service requests will be issued through the Portal Integration Toolkit on behalf of this proxy user.
  2. Customers then store the proxy user's credentials in a defaults file. (See Integration Toolkit Configuration, namely the DFUSER, DFPWD, and DFCOMPANY settings)
  3. Each web service wrapper uses the credentials from the default configuration file when formatting and issuing the low level SOAP web service requests.

The benefits of this include:

  1. No need to link/synchronize customer iSeries user accounts with Portal user accounts
  2. Re-authentication of a prior (proxy) user is faster than authenticating different users for each web service request
  3. Encapsulates the underlying web service complexity from customer applications and iSeries management.
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