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Integration Toolkit Components

The Portal Integration Toolkit is a set of objects which enable iSeries ILE-based integrators to easily consume Services Portal (SP) web services via local API interfaces. The toolkit is delivered and installed by Omnitracs service engineers. The following diagram illustrates the primary components of the toolkit.

PIT Overview.jpg

The toolkit is composed of the following general components:

  • IBM Integrated Web Services (IWS) - The IBM IWS feature is a free, optionally installable feature incorporated into IBM i OS and is built on the Apache AXIS web service. It serves as the foundation for ILE-based web service integration. The Services Portal Integration Toolkit encapsulates the IBM IWS components for internal use.
  • Definitions DB - A set of DB tables containing quasi-static information defining a customer's macro templates, ESS static data schema and toolkit configuration settings. The toolkit macro definition tables are replications of the customers production macro definition tables, and are re-loaded as required. The ESS static data tables are replications of the production SP ESS static data tables and are reloaded as required.
  • Message DB - A set of DB tables used to temporarily enqueue forward messages before being sent, and another set of tables used to store return ESS transactions in fixed-format form after they've been parsed from their original XML.
  • Local API - A set of web service wrappers, APIs and customizable stubs which may be used locally to achieve ILE-based integration with the SP.
  • Message Processes - A set of forward and return message processors consisting of active processes, APIs and DB tables supporting asynchronous, fault-tolerant forward and return messaging operations with the SP.
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