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Add SSL for Non-certified SSL Keys

If you are sending web service requests to please skip this step because this address has a certified SSL certificate.

When trying to call a web service over SSL with a non-certified SSL Key, you must insert some system property java code for the web service to work properly. The following code does not need to be inserted if the SSL Key is certified.  The following code must be placed before the call to the web service.

System.setProperty("","C:/Program Files/IBM/Rational/SDP/6.0/runtimes/base_v6/profiles/TerraAppSvr/etc/DummyServerKeyFile.jks");

System.setProperty("","C:/Program Files/IBM/Rational/SDP/6.0/runtimes/base_v6/profiles/TerraAppSvr/etc/DummyServerTrustFile.jks");





The location of the keyStore and trustStore must be specified for the WebSphere Application Server you are running the web service on along with the password for the keyStore and trustStore.

(plus) Calling the Web Service

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