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Forms (Macro Templates)


The following is an example of a form that defines a forward message:


Forms are completely dynamic and are specific to a given company/account. Forms may be designed and defined by authorized users of the company.

The form above is a sample that is used to notify a driver about a trailer swap. Fields in the form can be filled in through the Services Portal user interface or by integration code. Users place fields on the form by selecting them from one of two field dictionaries: the Standard Dictionary or the Custom Dictionary. The Standard Dictionary is provided by Omnitracs and contains field definitions that are shared across all Services Portal accounts. Each company has a Custom Dictionary to which entries may be added as desired. Entries in the dictionaries include the following attributes:

Sets of standard macro template forms are available for import to companies getting started using macros. Available sets include dry van, flatbed, reefer, LTL, private fleet, and tanker. The QSP Macro Definitions document describes the templates in each set, the standard dictionary fields and integration tags used. It also describes how to get a macro set imported.

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