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ESS High-Volume Transaction Block

The ESS High-Volume Transaction Block data type is implemented as the TransactionBlock2 class. It is returned by the ESS High-Volume Dequeue method. The attributes of an ESS High Volume Transaction Block are:








This integer value contains the number of transactions that are contained in this block. Choose a host variable large enough for values up to five digits.


This long integer value contains the highest transaction ID returned in the transaction block. Choose a host variable large enough for values up to 17 digits.


An array of bytes containing the transactions that were retrieved by this call to dequeue. Choose a host variable large enough to receive up to 1mb or more worth of bytes in a single call. See the note below for the format of this byte array.

The transaction block will contain ESS Transactions. Also helpful in making use of the returned transaction block is the ESS Transaction Schema.

(warning) Note: The <transactions> element is defined in the WSDL as XML data type xsd:base64Binary. You will need to employ a base64Binary decoder to translate the transaction data into ASCII or Unicode. Some platforms have built-in functions to do this. .NET is one such example. Other platforms will require you download and use a library containing the base64Binary decoder. A Google search for your platform with the term "base64 decoder" will likely show several freely available algorithms for decoding base64Binary data. The algorithm is well defined and rather simple to replicate.

Once decoded from Base64, the transactions will have a structure defined here:

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