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Update Group


Updates a group entry (group name and description) on the MMS grouping server given a group name.

UpdateGroupResponse updateGroup(UpdateGroupRequest request)

Elements in the UpdateGroupRequest:

  • originalGroupName: A string containing the current name of the group being updated.
  • newGroupName: The new group name.
  • groupDescription: The new optional description.

Sample XML Request

Only the SOAP body is shown. To see a sample SOAP Envelope and Header, click here.

   <updateGroupRequest xmlns="">
    <originalGroupName>A Test Group</originalGroupName>
    <newGroupName>A Test Group Updated</newGroupName></updateGroupRequest>
    <groupDescription>New Description</newGroupName></groupDescription>

Sample XML Response

An empty response conveys success. If there was an error, an exception would have been thrown.

    <ns2:updateGroupResponse xmlns:ns2=""/>


002: Required field not specified. Both the old and new group names are required. The description is optional.
005: Internal error: Call to the Update Group API failed.
006: Group name exceeds limit of 80 characters.
007: Group Description exceeds limit of 255 characters.
008: Group already exists.
009: Group was not found.

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