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TTIA Configuration Webservice Integration


This page provides a detailed description with examples of how to use the TTIA Configuration Web Services (WS). This integration will use 1 configuration webservice.

The IdentityType value for TTIA configuration is: VM

The WSDL for these web services is located here:

Web Service


Configuration Request XSD:

Resource XSD:

Base XSD:

Payload XSD:

The available TTIA configuration methods are:

Errors and Success Messages

The TTIA Configuration Web Services responses will include detail information of any errors or warnings. Errors in which case no processing can occur will be immediately returned to the client as SoapFault. In case of other errors the web service methods will send collection of errors and/or warnings . These are covered for each method on the method's name link.


0000 - There was a problem with the request, either the XML was invalid, or no soap operation was found.

0001 - Too many web service calls too quickly. Make the request later.

0002 - An Internal Error Occurred when trying to process the request. Please try again later.

0003 - Authentication Failed. Check the user credentials

0004 - User is not authorized to this functionality.

0005 - WSSE Header Block missing or invalid

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