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OVDW Integration

OmniView Driver Workflow - Customer Integration Site


CAUTION: This interface has been deprecated in the WMC product and is will be removed in the future.

Please refer to current documentation here.

This site is for Qualcomm customers that are participating Driver Workflow integration BETA.  It is targeted to a technical audience that is involved in the actual web services integration.

OmniView Driver Workflow is a system of for communicating, performing, and collaborating around work performed by a driver. The major components are (a) the mobile Workflow engine, (b) the custom mobile Workflow template application, (c) the OVDW communication gateway, and (d) customer system. This page addresses the OVDW communications gateway.

Since driver activities vary by line of business and company policy,  Driver Workflow applications typically have some level of customization for each customer - similar to what you would experience with macros.  As appropriate, examples are provided that are based off of the default Driver Workflow template application.  This default application is a reference application that contains a majority of the functionality required by most companies.  However, each customer may have additional forms in their applications, different workflow logic, and different message types, which will in turn create different forward and return messages that flow through the OVDW communications gateway. The mobile Workflow template application must match the message types that are being communicated by the customer system through the OVDW communications gateway.

Integration Documentation

OmniView Driver Workflow Web Service Integration Guide - A guide to the web service calls, security token, and authentication.

OmniView Driver Workflow Message Examples - Sample forward and return messages for the default Driver Workflow implementation.

Beta Customer Configuration

There are customer specific pages that contain implementation customizations done for specific customers.  If you are a current BETA customer and do not have a reference to your implementation pages, please contact your primary beta contact and ask for assistance in reaching the page.

CoS Beta Configurations for WMC - Contains WMC and QSP Portal info for beta accounts.
Beta Customers - Only available to Qualcomm individuals.


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